Cajun Moon Designs takes forgotten materials, and transforms them into modern masterpieces



A mainstay of our company since its conception has been custom pieces, dreamed up by our clients and created with our attention to detail and pride of craftsmanship. Let us create your dream piece.


From restaurant tables, bar sections and chairs to signage and full restoration of space - Cajun Moon can transform your business into a contemporary environment for your customers to enjoy and your business to grow.


No matter how large or small the piece, we enjoy creating unique works that inspire our customers and add value to their environment. The more odd the better. Regardless of the intent of your project, we deliver greatness.

Reclaimed wood brought to life...


Our furniture is handcrafted from 100% recycled wood. Used wood has its own special character created by the nail holes, nicks and scratches imposed in its former life, and each piece of furniture is unique to the old wood used. Under our care, old barns, fences, decks – are given new life as sturdy, beautiful pieces of furniture which cannot be duplicated.



We share the same goal.


As small business owners, we realize the importance of impressing our customers. Our goal is no different than yours, however, we are responsible for impressing you with pieces that will allow you to impress your customers. No matter the size, scope or difficulty that your project requires, we can execute with a beautiful outcome.



Works to impress, regardless of intent.


We believe that the intent of a piece is whatever your imagination believes it is. Our passion allows a broad array of creations, none too large or small. We pride ourselves on creating awe inspiring works, regardless of their intent.