Our business was founded from the desire to preserve the environment in a practical way.


Cajun Moon Design was founded by Matthew and Shelley Simon, brother and sister from south Louisiana, who now live and raise families in Northern Colorado.

We celebrate sound, sensible environmental practices, and are committed to recycling and reusing whenever possible. During countless trips to recycling centers, we were sad to see the mountains of wood stacked in piles to be chipped and shredded into decorative mulch. Knowing that wood can be recycled into beautiful and useful new products, we began Cajun Moon Design. The goal of our company is to give new life to some of this wasted lumber and do our small part to extend the life of our standing forests.

Our custom furniture is handcrafted from 100% recycled wood. Aged wood has its own character created by the nail holes, nicks and scratches imposed in its former life, and each piece of custom furniture is unique to the old wood used. Under our care, old barns, fences, decks and other unique items - are given new life as sturdy, beautiful pieces of custom furniture which cannot be duplicated.

We strive for excellent craftsmanship, high ethical standards and outstanding customer service.